The project

Andros is a unique island, the greenest in the Cyclades. Andros is not untouched by environmental today’s problems, especially in the summer, when the population increases with visitors and tourists and the waste levels can, at times, overwhelm the island’s waste processing systems. The growth of single-use plastics and the increasing total volume of waste is not sustainable.

 Our dream is to help make Andros the first island of the Cyclades without waste.

Clean Green Andros is a voluntary, independent initiative, all about working together, with anybody, public or private, citizens, schools, businesses, church, and anyone willing to help gather information and share available simple waste management practices that we can all easily follow, for a clean, green and sustainable Andros.

Καθαρή Πράσινη Άνδρος

Project vision & goals

The project vision is to inspire and encourage us all to reduce waste and single-use plastic on Andros.
The project goals are :

To reduce the use of single-use plastic

To increase the amount of recycling

To increase the composting of food and organic waste

To reduce the amount of landfill waste

The priorities to achieve these goals 
                            Bring political parties together
                            Form an Advisory Board
                            Establish trust
                           Gather and share accurate information
                            Develop a website
                            Fundraise ( link to sponsors)
                            Organise events and campaigns

Through this website, we share accurate and useful information on everything about recycling, reducing waste, reducing plastic and compost waste in your local area. 

It is essential to highlight that this project, although independent, will collaborate with local political groups, the municipality, the waste service providers, and local stakeholders’ active support. (independent button) 

We have been through challenging times recently. Many of us have reflected on the value of our health and ways to improve our quality of life. We want to understand how we affect our environment and fellow human beings. This project is an opportunity for Andros, already the greenest Cycladic island, to become the cleanest and model destination for sustainable tourism.

Now is the time to dream, plan and work for a better future for Andros.