Recycling on Andros

Does recycling work on Andros?

When we chat with friends, family and visitors, we sometimes ask, “Do you recycle? The answer is often, “But does recycling work here? There is sometimes rubbish in the recycling bins, they are often overflowing, I’ve even seen a dead goat in there!” or “I would recycle, but I don’t know where it goes”.
Yes, it’s true – the bins are often full and overflowing. The waste is often blown around by the wind, and the bins have missing or broken lids. And the service does not always appear to be regular.

So, it may not look like it, but recycling does work

The recycling services on Andros have been operating continuously for almost ten years, apart from a few short breaks in service, operated by various subcontractors. 
In October 2021, the recycling service changed and recyclables are now being collected directly by the Municipality workers.

Since recycling started, a lot of effort has been invested in sorting the recycled waste, removing all the rubbish, processing it, baling it ready for shipping to Athens, where specialist organizations recycle it. Recycling volumes are recorded. See the Statistics page for more information.

Please recycle, and with your help, the recycling system will improve.

We can all contribute. It’s easy to recycle, so let’s do our part.
Don’t be discouraged if you find a full or overflowing bin. Your patience and persistence are needed to improve this situation.
We all play a role in how well the recycling systems function, and the content of the bins depends on our behaviour. So please continue to separate your recycling waste and dispose of it in the appropriate bin or location.

It's easy to recycle

So let's do our part

Ready to recycle? Use the right bin!
Recycling Bins and Special Recycling Locations

Recycling Bins

Bottle Caps, Batteries, Light Bulbs

Rubble and Bulky Items

Recycling Hut "Spitaki"

Blue Recycling Bins

All kinds of glass bottles & jars  (without caps, moderately clean)

Yellow Recycling Bins

Paper and cardboard boxes (folded and flattened, without plastic coating, no sanitary items)

Grey Recycling Bins

PET Plastic, all kinds of plastic Bottles and Containers (cosmetic, cleaning materials, food containers etc.), TetraPak, Aluminium, Tin Cans (moderately clean)

Green Metal Recycling Bins

Aluminium Packaging and Cans, Tin Cans (moderately clean)

Green Paper + Cardboard Recycling Bins

Paper and Cardboard Boxes (folded and flattened, without plastic coating, no sanitary items)

Green Plastic, Metal + TetraPak Recycling Bins

PET Plastic, all kinds of Plastic Bottles and Containers (Cosmetic, Cleaning Materials, Food Containers etc.), Aluminium, Tin Cans, TetraPaks (moderately clean)

Purple Clothes + Leather Recycling Bins

All kinds of clothes, textiles, shoes (in pairs), other leather objects (moderately clean)

White Containers for Electrical Devices

White Containers for Electrical Devices: The containers are usually locked, but you can leave your device next to them. 

Recycling Bins for Small Electrical Devices

All kinds of Smaller Electrical Devices.

Brown Organic Waste Bins

All kinds of organic waste.

Plastic Bottle Caps - Recycle here

In many supermarkets or shops and some schools, there are containers for collecting plastic bottle caps.

Batteries - Recycle Here in these Bins

In many supermarkets and other shops, you can find special bins for collecting batteries.

Light Bulbs - Recycle Here

Recycle light bulbs (unbroken glass) and drop them off in these special containers. To make sure they don’t break when you drop them in the container, keep them in their cardboard box

Drop off locations for bulky recyclable items

Drop Off points in central  Gavrio and Korthi  for the disposal of large recyclable items such as cardboard boxes (not folded, metal objects, electrical appliances, car tires, bicycles, garden furniture.)

Drop Off point In Chora for cardboard boxes (not folded) and wooden boxes or crates




Drop off locations for bulky non-recyclable items

In Gavrio (behind the schools) you will find special points for mattresses, garden waste, wooden and metal objects. 

In Korthi, the drop off area is a truck for large non-recyclable items, e.g. mattresses, furniture, mirrors, glass windows, metal or wooden objects, garden waste.

If you want to dispose of a bulky waste item please contact the local municipality:

                   Monday – Friday 8-13.00

  •                   Chora: Tel. 2282360226 and 2282360228
  •                   Korthi: Tel. 2282360326 and 2282360320
  •                   Batsi: Tel. 2282041343 and 2282041855
  •                   Gavrio: Tel. 2282360117

Please don’t leave rubble or other building waste in these locations. (See rubble information below).

Gavrio / Γαύριο
Drop off locations for garden waste & wooden items

You can dispose of garden waste (eg large branches, large quantities of garden waste) in these special locations:

In Gavrio – located behind the schools.

Call Ms Tasia Bithikotsi in advance, 6987433083.

In Chora/Paraporti by the sports stadium.

Call Ms Fereniki Moraki, 2282360242.

In ​​the Korthi area, there is no drop off location.

Call Ms Eleni Maneta, 2282360320.

Chora / Χώρα
Gavrio / Γαύριο
Drop off locations for rubble and other building waste

Rubble and other building materials (including tiles and sanitary ware), can be disposed of at the Recycling Unit for Rubble and other building waste (A.E.K.K.) in Kypri.

Contact Mr. Dimitris Petsas  for more information:

by email

or by telephone  6977369902.

Μονάδα Ανακύκλωσης στο Κυπρί./Recycling Waste Centre Kypri
  • Plastic bottles and containers
  • Glass bottles
  • Aluminium cans
  • Steel cans (moderately clean)
  • See where are the nearest recycling bins in your area
  • See here you can recycle certain product categories, such as batteries, electrical appliances or light bulbs.

Recycling Questions & Suggestions

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Overflowing Bins?

Found a full recycling bin?
Please inform the appointed recycling official at the Municipality. Help improve the service.

Please don’t throw your recyclables into the general waste bins. Find another bin or take your waste home.

Questions & Suggestions

Do you have a question or any suggestions regarding recycling?
Just let us know.

Recycling is one of the most important things you can do to reduce the amount of waste left on Andros.

Recycling at work on Andros

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Let's just do it together!

The initiative “Clean Green Andros” envisions Andros as the greenest and cleanest island in the Cyclades, a model of sustainable island for residents but also a model of sustainable tourist destination for its visitors.

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