NEWS! If you live in Ormos Korthi, you can now compost your food waste. Simply join the Korthi Composting Project. This initiative is being run in cooperation with the SIRCLES (Supporting Circular Economy Opportunities for Employment and Social Inclusion) project and the Municipality of Andros.

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Why Compost?

On Andros, there are severe issues with the volume of waste we create. Reducing this waste is important to all of us. Around 44%*  of household waste is organic waste – that is, waste food from your kitchen or garden. Today, most of this waste is thrown into our bins.

  • This waste is smelly, attracts lots of animals and rodents
  • This is unpleasant for any unfortunate residents who live nearby.
  • In the summer months, it is especially unpleasant
  • It is unhealthy and an eyesore for residents and visitors

Any waste that isn’t separated is taken to the temporary waste site at Stavropeda, where, eventually, it will be transported out of Andros at some cost. We can reduce these issues and the volume of waste we generate by making a few simple changes to start composting.

What is Compost?

  • The word compost comes from the English word compost, which has its root in the Latin word composites!

  • Composting is an entirely natural process that turns organic materials into a rich dark substance. This substance is called compost or humus, or soil conditioner and can enrich the soil in your garden.

  • Compost can be made by putting organic waste into a bin. With the help of oxygen, the correct ratio of carbon and nitrogen, the warm temperature in the bin, and the microorganisms (earthworms are placed in the larger bins), the waste decomposes and is converted into a natural soil improver.

  • After a few months, this organic waste will have transformed effortessly into a ready-to-use compost that can be used to revitalise the soil in your garden.

How can I Compost?

  • If you live in Ormos Korthi, you can now compost your food waste. 

    Simply join the Korthi Composting Project. This initiative is being run in cooperation with the SIRCLES (Supporting Circular Economy Opportunities for Employment and Social Inclusion) project and the Municipality of Andros.

    Read more about Korthi Composting  

  • Compost Services in Batsi & Gavrio : More information coming soon on a new composting initiative in Batsi and Gavrio areas.

The Chora Compost Service

Chora Composter
Food waste for Composting

In 2011, a Composter was donated to the Municipality of Andros – The Chora composter has a capacity of 15 cubic meters.
The compost service operates in the area of Chora only. Special Brown Compost bins are located in convenient places around Chora, where you can drop your organic home and garden waste.
The Composter
The composter is a machine running on electricity and operated by a trained person. A large variety of organic waste including meat and dairy products can be turned into compost here. The machine stirs the compost, controlling and regulating the temperature and humidity. Eventually rich dark compost is produced.
The Service
Today the service operates on a pilot basis in the Chora area. There are special brown compost bins in specific places around the town, 
Just drop your organic waste off in one of the brown bins in Chora or take it to the CHORA COMPOST CENTER (situated in the former slaughterhouses of Chora). Garden waste, with branches up to 2cm thick, can be disposed of at the Chora Compost Service. Bulky garden waste with thicker branches can be left next to the Shredder, which is located just opposite the CHORA COMPOST CENTER.

Look for “Chora – Shredder” on the map.

The Compost
Ready to use compost is available at the Chora Compost Center, for use in your garden or farm. Please send an SMS text to Mr Jorgos, tel. 6976880142, to agree a time to pick up your compost.


Composting at Ormos Korthi

The Ormos Korthi Composting Project

This Project is an initiative in cooperation with SIRCLES and the Municipality of Andros. 

How to join the Ormos Korthi Composting Project

You can now stop putting your food waste into your general waste bin. Instead, collect your food waste and bring it to the composting service in Ormos Korthi.

The service is aimed at households and businesses in Ormos Korthi. You can join by applying at the KEP office in Ormos Korthi. You will get a short introduction to the service; an information leaflet will be provided about composting and a key to access the locked orange bins to deposit your waste. In the future, SIRCLES will provide you with a plastic basket and compostable bags for your food waste.

Where do I take my food waste? 

Orange bins have been placed in convenient locations all around  Ormos Korthi. Just ask at the KEP if you can’t find one easily. 

The pilot composting unit is located at the Korthi municipal sewage treatment plant, next to the Ag. Fanourious chapel

Our Clean Green Andros bin location map will be updated shortly with the orange bin locations and the composting plant.


What can I compost? 

You can collect most of your food waste for composting. Please take care to avoid those items that are not suitable, like meat bones, liquids, and kitchen towels. 

To join – visit the KEP office in Ormos Korthi in the old Municipality Building,

  • Tel  2822360320 
  • Monday to Friday
  • 10:00 till 14:00

Any Questions?

Contact Ms Anna Fragou at the Municipality 


The SIRCLES project

A project Supporting Circular Economy Opportunities for Employment and Social Inclusion

The service in Ormos Korthi started in November  2022. SIRCLES  provided the composters – (the closed wooden boxes), a small truck for collecting waste, a shredder for shredding garden waste, a  mixer for mixing and shredding composting material before adding it to the composters, and several large lockable orange bins for collecting organic waste. These are placed in convenient central spots in Ormos Korthi. They will be emptied on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

Most businesses in Ormos Korthi have also subscribed to the scheme (hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and bakeries). They received an orange bin and plastic bags to collect waste for composting.


SIRCLES and sustainability 

The initiative is sustainable! All the electricity to run the plant machinery is provided by solar panels.  All water is supplied by a biological sewage plant next to the composters. It is planned to compost the treated sewage sludge.

SIRCLES has recruited and organised training

Ten people from Andros have already been recruited (women and the unemployed were given preference). They have been trained by the National Technical University of Athens and the Organization Earth program to work in compost collection and in using composting equipment. Sircles is planning to train ten more people. The composting team will work Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

The future

The municipality of Andros plans to take over the service and run it without the funding and support of SIRCLES in September/October 2023.


 S T A R T    T O D A Y !

Your organic waste is a valuable resource. Please don’t put it in the general waste. For a cleaner and greener Andros!!

Location of organic waste bins in Chora
Small buckets (200 litres)
  • Agios Georgios (point with wooden fencing)

  • Avlidaki after the Rallia apartment building

  • Anemomili Square

  • Anemomili Pantazis building materials shop

  • Anemomili Papadeas house

  • Pefkakia at Loukissa house

  • Near the Gouma house

  • Provincial road opposite the house of E. Strati Strati

  • Bypass Road in front of the house of I. Xanthos (lawyer)

  • Turn of Michalis Piagkos (to Nimborio)

  • Nimborio Bridge outside the Tsoumezis house

In stores and shops
  • Parea (Kairis Square)

  • Fresco Juice Bar (2 bins)

  • Platanos (Kairis Square)

  • Swell Cafe (Nimborio)

  • Masoutis (Pefkakia)

  • Express Market (main store)

  • Nostalgia Cafe

  • Garyfallos Bakery Nimborio

Large bins suitable for garden waste: branches/leaves
  • Agios Georgios Square (2 bins)

  • Kairis Museum

  • Kairis Square (2)

  • Girokomio Square (October - Easter)

  • Mr Polemis’ house

  • Digital Museum of Andros

Compost at home and reduce waste

Help your garden grow in a natural and economical way.

How do I start composting ?

What can I put in the compost bin?

The method

  • Έναν κάδο για μπαλκόνι ή κουζίνα όπου θα συγκεντρώνετε τα υπολείμματα των τροφών.

  • Έναν κάδο κήπου με καπάκι που θα λειτουργεί ως κομποστοποιητής.

  • Ένα εργαλείο ανάδευσης (ξύλινο ραβδί) που θα σας διευκολύνει στο ανακάτεμα του κομπόστ.

  • Εναλλακτικά μπορείτε να αγοράσετε έναν οικιακό κομποστοποιητή.

  • Οικιακά απορρίμματα: Τα περισσότερα από τα απορρίμματα κουζίνας. Λαχανικά, φρούτα, σαλάτες, ψωμί, γλυκά, κέικ, ρύζι, ζυμαρικά, αλεύρι, δημητριακά, τσόφλια αυγών, κατακάθι και φίλτρα καφέ, φύλλα τσαγιού, ξηροί καρποί, ελιές. Τρόφιμα χωρίς λάδια, στραγγίστε τυχόν υπολείμματα λαδιού/υγρών.

  • Απορρίμματα κήπου: Μαραμένα λουλούδια και φυτά, φύλλα, χόρτα, γρασίδι, σανό, άχυρο, κλαδιά ψιλοκομμένα (10 εκ).

  • Χαρτί και ξύλο: Χαρτοπετσέτες, χαρτί κουζίνας (τεμαχισμένο, όχι χρωματιστό), τεμαχισμένες σακούλες παντοπωλείου, θρυμματισμένο ξύλο, ροκανίδια, στάχτη από ξύλα μη επεξεργασμένα ή εμποτισμένα με χημικά συντηρητικά.

  • ΑΠΟΦΥΓΕΤΕ: Απορρίμματα που προσελκύουν ενοχλητικά ζωύφια. Άρρωστα ή μολυσμένα από έντομα φυτά και αναπαραγωγικά μέρη φυτών, όπως ρίζες και σπόροι. Λιπαρά τρόφιμα, όπως κρέας και τυρί, γιατί προσελκύουν τρωκτικά, σκύλους, γάτες, μύγες κλπ. Ακαθαρσίες σκύλων και γάτων γιατί μπορούν να μεταδώσουν ασθένειες.

  • Τεμαχίζετε τα μεγάλα κομμάτια σε μικρότερα. Μεταφέρετε τα οργανικά απορρίμματα στον κάδο του κήπου τακτικά.

  • Ανακινείτε το μείγμα σε τακτά χρονικά διαστήματα (7-14 μέρες).

  • Αν το μείγμα είναι ξερό, προσθέτετε νερό. Αν είναι πολύ υγρό και βουρκιασμένο, πρέπει να προσθέσετε ξερά φύλλα ή ροκανίδια για να το στεγνώσετε.

  • Η διαδικασία της κομποστοποίησης διαρκεί περίπου 2 με 3 μήνες και θα καταλάβετε ότι είναι έτοιμο όταν είναι σκούρο με μια ευχάριστη μυρωδιά χώματος.

What can I do with my compost?
  • Improve your garden and farm soil.

  • Use to enrich the soil in your plant, fruit and vegetable beds in the garden, in pots and in your farm crops.

  • Offer your compost to your friends, neighbours, relatives and farmers.

What to do if I can’t compost at home?
  • Find a nearby farmer and ask if they want your organic waste.

  • Many farmers give food scraps to farm animals.

  • Food scraps can save farmers money and energy.

  • It is better to feed animals food scraps rather than having them hauled to a landfill.

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