Advisory Board

The primary purpose of the Advisory Board is to help the project succeed 


The vision for a greener and cleaner Andros concerns us all. We need to come together to make progress.

The Clean Green Andros Advisory Board has been established to help support the project in achieving its vision, to help Andros become greener and cleaner. The Board is being asked to provide advice and support, ensuring that we act together.

We extended the invitation to all political parties on the island to join the Advisory Board to ensure that we can all work together to solve one of the most important community and environmental issues on Andros.

The Board now comprises all the political parties, the municipality, local government, waste services providers and main sponsors in a unique forum to reach the majority of the Andros community and overcome past problems.

The success of the Advisory Board will be measured by its unity, the active participation of its members, and the results achieved.

Every member of the Board has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which sets out the clear accountability and governance for this forum.

The plan is for the Advisory Board to meet quarterly to progress with the project goals.