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    Useful Waste Contacts

    Overflowing Bins - Recycling or General Mixed Waste Bins?

    We all want to keep Andros clean and green. 

    If you see an overflowing bin, for recycling or mixed waste, that has not been emptied for several days,  please contact: 

    Ms Fereniki Moraki at the Municipality : Tel. 22823 60242.

    Arrangements will be made to collect the waste  as soon as possible.

    For Mixed and Bulky Waste issues

    Monday - Friday 8-13.00

    Chora: Tel. 22823 60226 and 22823 60228

    Korthi: Tel. 22823 60326 and 22823 60320

    Batsi: Tel. 22820 41343 and 22820 41855

    Gavrio: Tel. 22823 60117

    For Garden Waste

    There are special garden waste disposal locations.

    In the Hydrousa area -  please call Ms Tasia Bithikotsi in advance, 6987433083

    In ​​the Korthi area, please call Ms Eleni Maneta, 22823 60320

    In the Chora area, please call Ms Fereniki Moraki, 22823 60242

    For Rubble and Building materials

    For all rubble or other building materials, including tiles, antique sanitary ware or sinks.

    Please call Dimitris Petsas, 6977369902, or email at