Clean Green Andros Project

An independent voluntary project for sustainable waste management on Andros 

Our premise

The team here at Clean Green Andros love Andros, respect and admire its rich nature and cultural heritage and man-made landscape, a result of the harmonious co-existence of humans and nature for millennia. 

The common need

Waste produced by those of us residing on Andros has to be reduced by re-using, composting, recycling and by disposing of waste in a way that preserves the healthy state of this island’s valuable environment and serves both the quality of life and prosperity of Andros’ citizens.

This project

It is a voluntary and independent initiative.  It is all about working with anybody, public or private, citizens, businesses, churches, and anyone willing to help gather information and share available simple waste management practices that we can all easily follow for a clean, green, and sustainable Andros. 

Independent Status and Information Accuracy

The project, Clean Green Andros, an Andros Research Center (ARC) organisation project, aims to help Andros become a cleaner and greener Cycladic island,  through the promotion of recycling and sustainable waste management, enabled by volunteering and citizen engagement.  

ARC  and the Clean Green Andros project:

  • Are independent with no affiliation to political, religious or commercial organisations, with the intent to collaborate with all interested parties in the reduction of waste on Andros
  • Will make every reasonable effort to maintain up to date and accurate information and alert the reader to any issues or changes as they are communicated or found.
  • Do not provide any services directly but share any information gathered regarding services.

Any information presented on this website reflects information gathered through formal and informal processes. As such, the information is likely to change.

Contact us

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