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Composting on Andros:
Is it useful to reduce waste?

Composting on Andros:
Is it useful to reduce waste?

During the week of February 21-26, 2022, we invited you to share your views on the issue of waste in Andros. You responded generously, with almost 500 replies!

We are committed to making your voice heard louder. Today we continue to publish your answers to the questions of each day.

Separate organic waste from the general waste

So many of you do this already, but a lack of information and facilities holds us back

Let’s hear what you have to say!

Your Answers

Disclaimer: The views and comments below are those of the participants in this research and not necessarily the views of the Clean Green Andros project.  ARC  & Clean Green Andros reserve the right not to publish comments that contain derogatory, insulting or racist content. 

Q1. What do you do with your food or garden waste?

Over 70% of you already separate your waste!

Q2. Around 44% of each household waste in Greece is food & garden waste. Knowing this, would you be prepared to separate it and not throw it in the general waste?

Separating your organic waste from general waste makes sense.  It takes some effort on your part and some facilities to make it possible. 

Nearly everyone would separate their organic waste, knowing that it would reduce the amount of general waste by almost half. 

Ε3. If you don’t compost already. why not? 

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Let’s see your comments on the issue

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